College Counseling Update: Dec. 4

Class of 2020

Early application deadlines have passed. The next important deadlines are for Regular Decision and begin on January 1st continuing through mid-February. Check each college website to find out the specific application due date.  

Application Decisions

Application results are important to us.  Remind your sons to share their early application decisions with their counselors.  For those students receiving an Early Decision acceptance, remember to withdraw applications with other schools and submit the required deposit.


Class of 2021

  • We will assign your son his college counselor in the next few weeks and start our individual meetings in January. Scoir accounts for parents and for students will be activated at this time.  

College Visits over Winter Break

Even if your son cannot visit the specific college(s) he may have an interest in, take any opportunity you may have during your travels to visit any college campus you can. Big school, small school; urban setting, college town setting; state school, private school - experience as much as you can before the selection season begins.


Shortly, you will receive a registration email to log into your account. Please contact Claudine Meaney ( if you have any issues logging in.

Scoir allows you to:

  • Start researching colleges - Begin the process of narrowing down the choices using a variety of factors and seeing how you compare with other Avon applicants over the past few years at colleges of interest.

  • Start compiling the information you will need to complete college applications.

  • Start building a timeline outlining what you will need to accomplish as you move through the 2020-2021 application cycle.



  • Feb. 8th: ACT Test.  Late registrations will be accepted through January 17th. 

  • Please contact Marie Delnicki for information regarding extended time and testing requests.