College Counseling Updates 1/13

Class of 2023 

Application Decisions

Application results are important to us. Remind your sons to share his early application decisions with his counselor. For those students receiving an Early Decision acceptance, please remember that you agreed to submit the required deposit and withdraw applications with other schools. For those students who have been deferred or waitlisted, continue to communicate with the admissions representatives providing updated information and expressing continued interest.

Remember to complete the FAFSA if you will be seeking financial assistance.



Need-based Financial Aid: If you are requesting need-based financial aid, the earlier you file, the better. You must complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance) at

Please note the address, as there are other services that charge fees to help you fill out a free application.

Some colleges will also require you to submit the CSS ProFile at This is a more complicated form that may require more time. 


Merit-based Scholarships: The following websites provide useful information for students interested in researching and applying for scholarships:


Class of 2024

Testing Registration

ACT: We will offer the ACT on February 11, registration late deadline January 20th. If he has not already, your son will need to create an account and register at  

SAT: We will be offering the SAT on May 6. The registration deadline is April 7. If he has not already, your son will  need to create an account and register at  

College Counselor Assignments 

We have assigned college counselors to all students and we will begin meeting with students over the next few weeks. Please remind your son to check his email for messages from his counselor! 


Prior to winter break, you should have received a registration email to log into your Scoir account.  

Scoir allows you to:

  • Start researching colleges - Begin the process of narrowing down the choices using a variety of factors and seeing how you compare with other Avon applicants over the past few years at colleges of interest.

  • Start compiling the information you will need to complete college applications.

Questions? We can help!  Contact the College Counseling office.