College Counseling Updates 12/2

Class of 2023 

Drop-in application help is available in the College Counseling Office on Wednesday evenings between 6:30 and 7:45 p.m. We will offer more sessions as the deadlines approach.



Please be patient. Colleges typically send a portal login email where students can monitor the status of their applications. Although the portal may indicate that no school documents are there, you can see on Scoir that we sent them. While we have sent the materials, it takes time (often as much as 1-2 weeks) for colleges to register all the materials they have received. 

Application results are important to us. Remind your sons to share their early application results with their counselors.

Need-based Financial Aid

If you are requesting need-based financial aid, the earlier you file, the better. You must complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance) at

Please note the address, as there are other services that charge fees to help you fill out a free application. 

Some colleges will also require you to submit the CSS ProFile at This is a more complicated form that may require more time. 

Merit-based Scholarships

The following websites provide useful information for students interested in researching and applying for scholarships:

Questions? We can help! Contact the College Counseling office.


  • Be sure to have your son update Scoir with the colleges to which he knows he will be applying by moving the school from “Following” to “Applying” in his Scoir account and notifying his counselor. 
  • Once he has applied, be sure to have your son update Scoir by moving the school from “Applying” to “Applied” in his Scoir account and notifying his counselor. This allows us to send his transcripts and recommendations to a college. 
  • Please check your son’s “My Profile” tab in Scoir and make sure the following match:
    • First name and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    • Home address

This helps colleges match any documents we send with the applications students submit. 

Common Application

Please remind your son to print out his full Common Application and have an adult proofread it BEFORE he submits. It is by far the best way to catch any errors. Ideally, he should complete his applications before going on vacation and have his counselor check them.

Over break, please contact one of us should you have questions about how we ask students to fill out the Common Application or refer to our Common Application Instructions - paying particular attention to the Recommendations instructions.  

Class of 2024 

We will assign your son his college counselor in December and start our individual meetings in January.


College Visits over Winter Break

Even if your son cannot visit the specific college(s) he may have an interest in, take any opportunity you may have during your travels to visit any college campus you can.  Big school, small school; urban setting, college town setting; state school, private school - experience as many as you can before the selection season begins. 


Shortly, you will receive a registration email from to log into your account.  Please contact Suzanne Hayes ( if you have any issues logging in.

Scoir allows you to:

  • Start researching colleges - Begin the process of narrowing down the choices using a variety of factors and seeing how you compare with other Avon applicants over the past few years at colleges of interest.
  • Start compiling the information you will need to complete college applications.
  • Start building a timeline outlining what you will need to accomplish as you move through the application cycle.