Course Request Process

Dear Parents, 

Families of current students should be aware that the academic administrative team is systematically introducing the course request process to returning students over the next few weeks. There are several phases to this process, and families are fully informed before course requests become fixed, and scheduling for 2019-2020 begins. The first step in this process is that students gather by class at two morning meetings, where the academic deans and department chairs inform students of appropriate course sequencing and new course options. In these meetings, students are reminded of not only graduation requirements but also advised by the college counseling team as to how to best approach next year's possibilities. Next, students are given instructions to speak with their current teachers and advisors about course selection considerations. After students are informed about available courses and given time to socialize those possibilities with teachers and advisors, students are then instructed on how to select preliminary courses for next year using the student portal in Veracross. The academic deans will review these selections for each individual student and share these course selections with families in March at the time of third-quarter report card publishing.  

If families have any questions on the course selection process, they should feel encouraged to contact the appropriate academic dean. Mr. Whitty manages the current freshmen and sophomore classes, while Mr. Callaghan manages the process for the current juniors. Their responsibility is to make certain that all of the students are positioned for success with appropriately challenging courses.  

Robert Dowling
(860) 404-4264 office