Dorm Room Personal Items Packing and Return Policy

Dorm Room Personal Items Packing and Return Policy

Please contact Jill Craft at with room-packing questions.

As much as we were hoping for a spring return to campus for you to pick up your belongings, that is not turning out to be possible. It looks as if stringent travel and social distancing restrictions are in place for the foreseeable future. Given the restrictions and the scope of work needed to clean out the dorms with limited campus staff, we need to begin the process of packing student rooms. Therefore, please complete the room-packing form—this form is required for boarding students—to let us know how you'd like to retrieve your son's personal belongings.

Complete the Room-Packing Questionnaire

You have three options to claim your son's personal belongings. You can choose to have the items:

  1. Shipped to you (note limitations and charges below)
  2. Stored on campus for returning students for the opening of school next year 
  3. Stored temporarily on campus for families within driving distance if/when state guidelines would allow for physical distance pickup of items at one of our campus roadway circles.

Note: Given a maintenance project starting soon, Avon staff will start the packing process with Pelican dorm next week.

Additional Helpful Information 

  • All Avon boarding students/families are required to fill out the questionnaire below to choose which packing option you want and also provide important details about your room, roommates (if you have one), your contact information, and how you would like to handle different personal items in your room.

  • The questionnaire includes options to donate large items (like refrigerators, fans, personal chairs) that can’t be shipped and/or course textbooks or other required class books that you could donate to a “Financial Aid Library” to benefit future Avon financial aid students.

  • An Avon staff member will pack up your items. If you are in a double you will indicate in the questionnaire which side of the room is your (and also a joint closet if you have one). If the Avon staff member packing your room has questions they will reach out to you on your cell phone (or email if you live abroad).

  • Items found in your room that violate school rules will be covered under an amnesty policy with no disciplinary action. Following our normal process, we will let your parents know if we find items of concern in your room. Amnesty will not include items that are particularly dangerous (weapons) or excessive (indicating an intent to distribute).

  • If you decide to ship your items we will charge the cost to your Blackbaud Tuition Management account, but if you have any concerns about paying this please let the school know.

  • For families wishing to pick up packed items (when the state of Connecticut allows it) Avon would create a set pickup time schedule on certain dates that you would sign up for to ensure a safe and orderly process. 

  • If we don’t hear from you we will pack and store your items for the time being.

We plan to start this process with Pelican dorm first, Monday, May 4th, given the maintenance project coming up there. Students living in Pelican please try to complete the following questionnaire by May 4th. Other students, please complete the questionnaire no later than Thursday, May 7th. 

Complete the Room-Packing Questionnaire