Emergency Contact Services: Agencies you can book for off-site student care.

All students (boarding and day) must have an emergency contact that lives within 300 miles (5 hours) driving distance from the school.  

Emergency contacts must pick up and assume care for any student whose parents/guardians are unavailable or can not pick up their son within 8 hours of notification.  

Some of the reasons the student may need to be picked up are, but not limited to, student isolation requirements due to a communicable disease such as influenza or COVID-19, mandated quarantine, school shut down/vacations, medical or mental health issues requiring close supervision or hospitalization, or a disciplinary issue.

If you need assistance with finding an emergency contact, we have provided a list of emergency contact service companies which can be accessed on our website at

Please note that these companies are third party providers who will enter into a contract with you directly and bill you for their services. Our staff, Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Rooney, will be in touch with your son daily during their off campus quarantine or isolation period. Our goal for them is to work as a liaison between the students and the emergency service company. 

Emergency Contact Services:

1. Gold Star, this service has a designated US based team as well as China based support. 

We at Gold Star are committed to providing the highest level of service for our students, schools and families. We primarily serve private day and boarding middle and high schools and their international students as well as domestic boarders. We provide a guardianship program that meets or exceeds schools local emergency contact requirements, COVID quarantine services, accommodation solutions for scheduled and unscheduled school breaks and host family recruiting and support programs. 

U.S. Team 
Contact: Sean Leary / Rose Nanista 
Email: / 
Phone: 508-826-4560 

China Team 
Contact: Berry Ren (located in China) 
wechat: RB136715 

2. Student Health Advocates (SHA) 

SHA is a new, modern, US-based company that supports international and domestic students at boarding and day schools across the US and Canada (SEE List). Trusted by hundreds of international families from 32 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, SHA provides a low-cost, customizable “membership” for a selected period of time. Families have access to a variety of services available to their student(s) during the year which go above and beyond the standard Guardianship & Emergency Contact.

SHA Member Services Include: 

  • Professional Chaperones 
  • College Tours (Fall & Spring) 
  • Hotel Quarantines (pre-arrival & medical) 
  • Guardianship & Emergency Contact 24/7 
  • Off-Campus Housing (supervised) 
  • Private “black car” Transportation 
  • Technology Internships for Students 
  • “Pick Up Guarantee” in 3-6 Hours 
  • Mobile App for Families 

Contact: Pete Tonkin (Owner & Co-Founder) 
Phone: +1 844-742-2255 
WhatsAPP: +1 267-245-5060 

3. Guardian Service by Andrew Kwak. 

One of our families from South Korea has recommended this service. The service is located in MA, where they own a home in a residential neighborhood to host the students. 

Contact: Andrew Kwak 
Phone: 631 664 7615 

His partner is: 

Contact: Sung Mo Kang 
Phone: 617 455 2718

4. Cogito World Education/ Colibri Travel Tours & Cogito World Education 

Cogito World Education has over 10 years of experience providing guardianship for international students attending US schools and whose parents live overseas. With our guardianship, parents do not have to worry about who will pick up their child at the airport or what happens during school breaks or in case of a medical emergency. We are here to take care of all of that and more! Having a guardian guarantees that there is someone available 24 hours, 7 days a week to take care of your child. And at Cogito, we do it with the love, care, and attention we would give to our children. | 

(our students have used this service in the past during school breaks) 

Contact: Sylvia Rozwadowska-Shah 
Phone: 617 301 1237 (Phone and WhatsApp)