English 3 Freewrite: Patrick Mella '22



Unlike what was here before
Common to tales of Avon lore

A sense of mystery
What will I see next?
From the damage of the outbreak
Birds make their nest

Mother Nature does not seem to care whether we live or die.
She seems to care only for herself, as we do,
performing deeds out of self-gratitude. 

Whether we've been here or not, she lived 5 Billion years before us
and she can live 5 Billion years after.
We think we are special because we're intelligent,
but recently many of us have been acting like animals.
We can't even get together to stop the outbreak
that Mother Nature has given us.

What I'm looking at beats any blackboard...

She's the only woman I'll spend my entire life with, from birth to death...

She's beautiful even when she's angry.
I can't get enough of her.

Not one man can truly see all of it

not the flowing river
or the steadfast boulder
or the chirping birds
or the whispering winds
and definitely not me