Invitation to Participate in CAIS COVID Study


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope this email finds you healthy and well.  Back in November I shared with you that Yale University and select Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) are participating in a study to learn more about the attitudes of students, parents, and faculty/staff toward COVID-19, and their schooling.  

Whether or not you participated in the fall, the Yale and CAIS COVID Study Team invites you to participate in their next round of 20-minute surveys.  If you are interested in learning more about the survey or would like to participate, click the survey link below. 

The survey link will first take you to a page where you can opt-out of having your son participate in the study.  In addition to requesting your participation in the study, the Yale and CAIS COVID Study Team would like to contact your son(s) who attends a CAIS school, to participate in the survey as well. If you do not opt-out of having your son participate within two weeks (by March 19th), the Yale and CAIS COVID Study Team will assume that it is okay to contact your son to participate. They will only ask you to do this once.

Even if you choose to opt out of having your son participate, if you click continue on the first page, it will take you to the survey information and consent form for your participation. If you agree to participate, you will continue to the survey. If you are not interested, and want to opt out, you can provide your email in the section that asks if you want to opt out, or you can respond to Marie Brault (contact information below). Since survey responses are confidential, if you opt-out of participation this time, it is possible that you may receive additional emails concerning this study. However, feel free to disregard or delete any future emails concerning this survey.

Survey Link

If you have any questions about this study, you can contact Marie Brault, Ph.D. at You can also reach out to me with any questions at 



Heather Callaghan, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing