May 26: Dorm Room Collection Begins

Beginning on Tuesday, May 26th, we will begin the process of allowing students to come back to campus to pack up their belongings. In order to minimize any potential spread (or possible contraction) of COVID-19, we are limiting visitors to campus to include one parent and one student.  

All visits to campus will be prearranged through a sign-up system coordinated by Jill Craft. Jill will email parents each week and offer the opportunity to reserve a one-hour time slot from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, May 26. Following this schedule, each dorm will only have one student (and one parent) during any given hour. 

After receiving confirmation from Jill Craft, parents should plan to arrive at Avon on their scheduled day at the pre-arranged time. A representative from the school will greet families at the Diogenes Circle and distribute a checklist that will assist boys in gathering all of their belongings (dry-cleaning, athletic gear, instruments, etc.). The gates near Jamerson Dormitory will be open so that parents can access campus from both entrances.

Please report to the Diogenes Circle immediately upon your arrival to campus: this is paramount and will allow us to call ahead to the housekeepers to unlock the dormitories. We are requiring students and parents to wear facemasks and gloves while they are in the dormitories. 

For families who are unable to come to campus, we are still offering the option to ship or store items as requested.  If you have not completed the dorm-packing questionnaire, please do so as soon as possible. Note: some countries are not accepting shipments from the USA at this time.  Understanding this, we will hold items here at school until such time when we are allowed to ship items home.

To summarize, families will be receiving an email from Jill Craft every Monday morning to schedule appointments for the following week. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.