New Academic Schedule & Dress Code Requirement for Second Semester


As your sons may have informed you, this semester we are testing out a new schedule. There are two main adjustments: Chapel now occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the middle of the academic day, and the programming formally covered during Sunday Vespers now will take place on Wednesday mornings under the new program Compass. We have named this meeting “Compass” to characterize the purpose of this meeting: to offer spiritual direction.

With the introduction of Wednesday Compass, we have also created a new standard for all students to wear their Vespers uniform on Wednesdays. In addition to wearing the school uniform for Compass programming, this also means our boys will be in their school uniform on game day: what a way to get your game face on!

These changes are a reflection of an effort to ensure all students are receiving the same messaging, and not missing any community-building experiences. We appreciate your support as we move forward with this new schedule.