Notice From Health Office Regarding Ticks

Students received the following information from our Health Office recently in Morning Meeting:

About ticks:

  • Ticks are small insects that feed off the blood of animals and humans.
  • They are usually found in wooded areas and tall grass and then crawl onto their hosts.
  • There are many tick-borne illnesses, but Lyme Disease is the most common in this area due to the increasing deer population.
  • The deer tick is the only tick that carries the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.
  • This picture shows the difference between the smaller deer tick and a dog tick:

What to do if you find a tick on you:

  • It is best to remove an attached tick as soon as it is found.
  • If a tick has been attached less than 24 hours, no treatment is necessary.
  • If a tick is has been attached for greater than 24 hours or an unknown amount of time, preventative treatment with a one-time dose of antibiotics is provided.
  • Other preventive measures include wearing long pants, using bug repellant sprays, and avoiding wooded areas and areas of tall grass.

For more information regarding Lyme Disease, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. If you have questions about how our Health Office handles tick-related concerns, please contact:

Heather Callaghan
Director of Nursing