November 5: College Counseling for the Class of 2021

Application Deadlines, Submissions and Decisions

The next early deadline is November 15 with additional early and priority deadlines through mid-December. Check each college website to find out the specific application due date.

*Please Note: Colleges have been moving some deadlines to later in this cycle (Nov. 1 moved to Nov. 15 etc.) It is more important than ever to check the college websites to learn the latest information. 

Please be patient. Colleges typically send a portal login where students can monitor the status of their applications. Although the portal may indicate that no school documents are there, you can see on Scoir that we sent them. While we have sent the materials, it takes time (often 2-3 weeks) for colleges to register all the materials they have received.  

Application results are important to us. Remind your sons to share their early application results with their counselors.


Be sure to have your son update Scoir with the colleges to which he knows he will be applying by moving the school from “Following” to “Applying” in his Scoir account and notify his counselor.

Once he has applied, be sure to have your son update Scoir by moving the school from “Applying” to “Applied” in his Scoir account and notify his counselor. 

Please check your son’s “My Profile” tab in Scoir and make sure the following matches:

  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Home address

This helps colleges match any documents we send with the applications students submit. 

Common Application

Please remind your son to print out his full Common Application BEFORE he submits. It is by far the best way to catch any errors, and history shows us that our digital natives can skip this step.

Continue to work on completing the Common Application. If you have questions, refer to our Common Application Instructions - paying particular attention to the Recommendations Instructions.

Counselors will continue to meet with students to discuss their admission plans and any changes to their college lists.

Questions? We can help! Contact the College Counseling office.


Although the majority of colleges have waived requirements for applicants to submit standardized testing results (SAT or ACT) for this admission cycle, we understand that many students want the option to take them if their test scores might bolster their applications, if athletic recruiting will require them, or if they will help in applying for merit scholarships. All testing opportunities at AOF have passed. Please plan to take the SAT or ACT at home in December if you are still in need of scores. The December testing dates are as follows:

SAT - December 5 (taken at home) 

Registration deadline Nov. 5; Late registration deadline (fee) Nov. 24

ACT - December 12 (taken at home) 

Registration deadline Nov. 6; Late registration deadline (fee) Nov. 20

Please contact Marie Delnicki at to arrange ALL accommodations.