Online Summer Courses Registration

We understand the importance of year-round learning: Avon Old Farms was one of the first independent schools to offer online courses.

  • AOF students can augment their current course of study in order to position themselves to enroll in more advanced, varied courses during the school year.
  • AOF students will familiarize themselves with an online learning environment that will increasingly play a fundamental part of post-secondary school education.
  • Students will not only reinforce concepts from previous course work, but also they will preview concepts from the course they are scheduled to take the following fall.

Our Courses Taught by Our Own Skilled Faculty

Avon Old Farms offers online courses that serve the interest of 21st-century secondary education with an emphasis on college preparation. Consider these recent statistics gathered from a featured presentation at the 2012 TABS Conference:

  • 5 states require high school students to take an online course to graduate
  • 6.1 million college students (31%) took online courses in 2011-2012 as part of college curriculum
  • 60%-70% of undergraduates will take an online course as part of a four-year degree

AOF online offerings are designed with our specific curriculum and students in mind, and we are pleased to offer for-credit courses and preview courses in math, physics, and computer science this summer. We will also continue to offer our 4-week SAT Preparation Course as well as our 2-week Critical-Reading and Note-Taking Skills for the New Student course.

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