Parents of Avon Meeting: Prep4ward Program

It was a pleasure talking to the Parents of Avon group on Wednesday last week, sharing the purpose and curriculum details of our Prep4Ward program. If you missed the presentation, it was recorded, and you can find that presentation here. 

In an effort to use feedback we have received and in order to keep parents/guardians informed about the content of this important program, we hope to include a summary of past content and/or topics/programs that will be coming up so that you can ask your son about the program’s content and engage him in some more specific conversations.

This week, the seniors & PGs had a grade-level program with Dr. Dan Martin titled “Substances 101” where he spoke confidentially with students about substance use, the different effects of substances on physical and mental health, intervention, and short-term and long-term consequences. 

The juniors continued their small-group work by exploring the relationship between cancel culture, accountability, and activism.

The sophomores’ sessions involved deconstructing stereotypes as a follow up to their viewing of The Mask You Live in documentary earlier this semester.

Finally, the freshmen continued with their seminar on Character and Identity as related to personal technology and social media.

During the last week of Prep4Ward this semester (12/8) members of the student council will administer a survey to all students in order to gather feedback on the program as we look forward to planning the details of semester two.