Standardized Testing at Avon Old Farms for the Class of 2021

Dear Parents and Students in the Class of 2021,

Although the majority of colleges have waived requirements for applicants to submit standardized testing results (SAT or ACT) for this admission cycle, we understand that many students want the option to take them if their test scores might bolster their applications, if athletic recruiting will require them, or if they will help in applying for merit scholarships. After multiple conversations with both the College Board (SAT) and the ACT, we now have a schedule that allows 12th grade and PG students to take each one at least twice this fall. 

As many of you know, the next SAT is on Saturday, August 29th. We are discouraging students from taking the SAT on this date. We are not a test center for that administration, and students who want to take the test must do so at another center. Taking the SAT on August 29th may subject a student to additional quarantine requirements that could disrupt the start of his school year.

Following are the test options we are recommending.  These tests will be administered at AOF and include both weekend and class day options. 

  • Wednesday, Sept. 23        SAT class day (12/PG)
  • Saturday, Oct. 10             ACT AOF only (12/PG)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14         SAT class day (12/PG)
  • Saturday, Oct. 24             ACT AOF only (12/PG)
  • Saturday, Nov. 7              SAT AOF National Test Center (12/PG as needed)


Understanding the context of testing for the 2020-2021 application cycle

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our traditional college application cycle, and our office continues to track the changes colleges have made to the process in response. Currently, the majority of four-year colleges in the US will be “test-optional” for 2020-2021 applicants. The policies vary widely, from colleges who “strongly encourage but do not require” students to submit scores to colleges who will not use scores at all in their evaluation of applicants for admission. In the most prevalent plans, choosing to submit or not to submit scores will neither advantage nor disadvantage the applicant. Students have the option of submitting test scores if they feel they will bolster their applications, and those who choose not to submit scores will have their applications receive full consideration. However, it is important to read the information that the college publishes on its website regarding standardized testing. If you have questions, please contact your son’s college counselor.



How do I register to take the SAT Class Day Administration?

Please sign up on this Google Form. We will order the tests for you.


Can I take the Class Day test both times it is offered?

Unfortunately, you can only take the school day administration once. Choose a date on our Google Form and we will have a test for you.


I am currently registered for the August 29/ September 26/ October 3 SAT. How do I cancel that registration?


How do I register to take the ACT at AOF?

Register at  Because we are a closed test center, students MUST use our school code (070010) when creating their accounts or they need to edit their accounts using our code (070010) to indicate that AOF is their current school. When registering for these test dates, please indicate your choice of test center as 212250 (Avon Old Farms School test center code).

  • Registration deadline (both dates) September 17.

    • Late registration (fee required) September 18-25.


How do I register to take the SAT at AOF on November 7?

Register through your account at www.College  * Register early to make sure you can test at Avon Old Farms School. The test site will fill quickly.*

  • Registration deadline October 7.

    • Late registration (fee required) October 27.


I believe I am eligible to receive accommodations for testing. How do I make sure that I receive them?

Please contact Marie Delnicki ( to arrange ALL accommodations.


Feel free to contact our office with any questions.



Jonathan Crocker

Director of College Counseling