Standardized Testing at Avon Old Farms for the Class of 2022

Understanding the context of testing for the 2020-2021 application cycle and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our traditional college application cycle, and our office continues to track the changes colleges have made to the process in response. Currently, the majority of four-year colleges in the US will be “test-optional” for 2020-2021 applicants. The policies vary widely, from colleges who “strongly encourage but do not require” students to submit scores to colleges who will not use scores at all in their evaluation of applicants for admission. In the most prevalent plans, choosing to submit or not to submit scores will neither advantage nor disadvantage the applicant. Students have the option of submitting test scores if they feel they will bolster their applications, and those who choose not to submit scores will have their applications receive full consideration. Unfortunately, we cannot predict what will happen in the next cycle. 


However, we do understand that many students want the option to take standardized tests if their scores might bolster their applications, if athletic recruiting will require them, or if they will help in applying for merit scholarships. Since we will not be in session for the dates we usually recommend 11th graders take the test in December, 11th grade students should plan to take the  ACT on October 24 and the SAT on November 7 in order to learn which test platform reflects their abilities better and to establish a testing baseline. This information will be important to help us develop a testing plan for each student when the outlines of the next admission cycle become clearer and we begin individual conferences in January. Students who want to sit for the December administration should register to take the test at a center near them. We plan to offer Class Day SAT administration and the ACT in the spring as well.

Oct. 14


Oct. 24

AOF only ACT 

Nov. 7

SAT AOF National Test Center 



Do I have to register to take the PSAT?

No, we arrange to have tests for all 10th and 11th grade students.


I am repeating the 11th grade and have already taken the PSAT twice. Do I have to take it again?

Students who are repeating the 11th grade and who do not wish to take it again can opt to take the Class Day SAT on the same date. Please note: students will be taking one or the other test. Contact Claudine Meaney in the College Counseling Office ( to arrange to take the Class Day SAT.

I am currently registered for the August 29/ September 26/ October 3 SAT. How do I cancel that registration? 

How do I register to take the ACT  on 10/24 at AOF?

Register by creating an account at Because we are a closed test center on this date, students MUST use our school code (070010) when creating their accounts or they need to edit their existing accounts using our code (070010) to indicate that AOF is their current school. When registering for these test dates, please indicate your choice of test center as 212250 (Avon Old Farms School ACT test center code).

  • Registration deadline for the 10/24 administration is September 17.

    • Late registration (fee required) September 18-25.

How do I register to take the SAT at AOF on November 7?

Register by creating an account at * Register early to make sure you can test at Avon Old Farms School. The test site will fill quickly.*

  • Registration deadline October 7.

    • Late registration (fee required) October 27.


I believe I am eligible to receive accommodations for testing. How do I make sure that I receive them?

Please contact Marie Delnicki ( to arrange ALL accommodations.