Start of School: COVID Testing Requirements

Pre-Arrival COVID Testing Instructions & Resources 

Download AOF COVID Test Doctor’s Requisition

Every student planning to return to campus (boarding and day students) is required to have a negative PCR SARS-CoV-2 test prior to their physical return to campus. We are well aware that, for some students, access to testing and timely results are significant concerns. We encourage families to start planning now for getting a test done in the required time frame.

All students must limit exposure and high-risk activities following their test administration and prior to their arrival on campus 

What test is required?

  • A SARS-CoV-2 molecular test (PCR test) is required for this pre-arrival testing

    • A SARS-CoV-2 antibody test is not acceptable

    • An antigen test is not acceptable

When should my son get tested?

The timing of your son’s test will depend on where he is traveling from.  Please follow the instructions based on the two scenarios below:

Traveling to campus from CT and other “low risk” states:

  • Test must be administered 7-10 days before arriving on campus

Traveling to campus from a “high-risk” state or another country (required 14-day quarantine): 

  • Test must be administered within 3 days of travel to CT/low-risk state (location of quarantine)


  • Test must be administered soon after arrival to CT/low-risk state, while in quarantine, in order to ensure test results are back prior to arrival

How do I get a test for my son (choose one)?

  1. Schedule an appointment at a testing center using the printable doctor’s order form in Magnus.

  • To find testing options near you:
    • Call your local health department
    • Perform a web search for “COVID testing sites near me”
    • In CT, dial 2-1-1 or go to:
    • Order and send an at-home test via LabCorp* (
      • for 18+ only
    • Obtain an approved test via other means (ex. your son’s PCP)
    • You can visit one of Hartford Health Care's (HHC) testing sites in CT—View Locations
      • Students don't need an order for HHC tests. HHC will puts the order through Epic, their electronic health records system. HHC will bill insurance, but there is no guarantee that insurance will cover the cost of the test. If insurance doesn't cover the cost of the test, you will be charged $137 by HHC.

How do I ensure results get to the Health Center?

  • Download and print this AOF COVID doctor’s order in Magnus or the information on it when obtaining or ordering your son’s test.
  • Confirm that results will go directly to Dr. Mark Gilroy.
  • Make sure to provide all information including Dr. Gilory’s full name, NPI, mailing address, and fax number.
  • Make sure that a printed/printable result will be available to you (back-up method for reporting results). 
  • When you receive results, upload them to Magnus.
  • Test results must be in English.

How do I know that my son’s negative result has been received?

Log in to the Magnus Health Portal. You can check the status of your son’s COVID Test requirement.  Once it has been approved (green checkmark), you will know that the result has been received and accepted.

What if my son’s test result is positive?

  • Follow the guidance of your son’s primary care provider.
  • Notify the Health Center to discuss criteria to come to school.

What if my son previously tested positive for COVID-19?

If your son recently tested positive for COVID-19 (not just assumed positive but had a confirmed, positive test) please contact the Health Center for additional instructions before you have him tested again.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding AOF’s pre-arrival testing requirement?

Pre-arrival testing questions can be emailed directly to the Health Center at:

Do parents need to be tested if they are accompanying their son to campus for registration? 

NO.  Only the student needs to be tested. However, anyone traveling from another country or high risk state will still have to quarantine per CT state guidelines.