Start of School: Magnus Health Portal

Access Magnus Health Portal

In addition to the regular Magnus health forms, the following COVID-related forms have recently been added to Magnus and must be completed prior to your son’s arrival on campus:

Pre Arrival COVID Test Form - AOF’s medical director’s order for a PCR COVID test if needed 

  • Download & print the form if needed at a testing site
  • Upload negative test results back into Magnus prior to arrival 


On-Campus COVID Testing Forms - Hartford HealthCare forms required for all students doing any part of the fall semester in person.  These forms are required for screening testing on 9/9, surveillance testing throughout the semester, and symptomatic (PCR confirmatory) testing

  • Download, print, fill out then upload back into Magnus prior to arrival 

  • Tips for filling out the forms:

    • No Medical Record (MR) number needed

    • Authorization to Disclose/Obtain Health Information

      • Method of Disclosure/obtain

        • Authorize Hartford Healthcare to disclose information to Avon Old Farms School

        • Phone #: 860-404-4234

        • Fax #: 860-404-4139

        • Date range: 8/27/20 - 8/27/21

        • Check “other” COVID test results

        • Sign and date

      • *6816* Consent Form

        • No MR # needed

        • Sign & Date


Student Social Contract - E-signature of parent is required

  • Review the document with your son

  • Your son will be asked to sign the document in-person during the registration process

  • This document will automatically approve overnight


Implied Consent & Social Contract - Parents/Guardians - E-signature of parent required

  • This document will automatically approve overnight