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Honoring Tradition. Inspiring Excellence.

Welcome to Avon Old Farms!

Your son is an Avonian now ...this fall he will be taught and nurtured by our expert team of boy-educators; along the way, he will leave his own mark on our campus as well. Our teachers, coaches, deans, and wellness staff are trained to infuse each learning experience with methodology specific to how boys best receive knowledge. 

Here are some important dates, resources, FAQs on all facets of Avon life, and a guide on who to reach out to with specific questions. The 2023–24 school year is sure to be packed with memorable experiences so check our photo gallery often to download photos of your son throughout the year!

Items Which Need Your Attention

Important Dates

Fall 2023 Repopulation Details & Policies

FAQs on Starting School at Avon








I have a question, who do I contact?



Big Brother Mentorship Program

Our big brother program this year is going to look a little different from past programs. This year, we solicited applications from boys who were rising juniors and seniors, and from that pool we selected 40 boys to be big brothers, based on their character, grades, involvement in the school, etc. 

Each big brother will have a team of new boys and will act as a student advisor. He will meet frequently and consistently with his team of little brothers (each big will have about four "littles", and each group will be a mix of freshmen, sophomores, and upper-class new boys) to acclimate them to the school as well as help them with the transition to life at Avon. 

It is our hope that these small advisory teams will also remain close even when their new-boy year comes to an end. The "bigs" brothers will communicate with the "littles" as early as possible in the summer, and at least a few times throughout the summer. The "bigs" will be here on move-in day to meet their littles and families.