New Student Housing Request Form

Dear New Boarding Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Avon Old Farms School.  As the Dean of Students, I am responsible for collecting information from new students and then working with a team of people to assign rooms and advisors. 

I ask that you and your son work on this document together. The more information that you can provide – the better!

While making roommate and advisor assignments is not an exact science, we almost always get it right. When we don’t, there is a process in place to make changes.  

We ask that you complete and submit this form by July 1.  

*Room assignments are not announced until the opening day of school in September. 

Brian Doyle
Dean of Students


Please know that room / roommate assignments are NOT disclosed until the boys arrive to school in the fall.

  1. We recommend that new students do NOT bring big gaming systems to Avon in the fall.
  2. Boys are allowed to have a small refrigerator in their rooms but it can only be 1.7 cubic feet. Since these refrigerators can be purchased locally, we recommend that boys wait until they arrive before buying.
  3. Other items you should consider bringing: a small fan, 2 combination locks, shoe organizer (space is tight so one that hangs from a door), a plastic container to store snacks.