Parents of Avon

Parents of Avon



With the concurrence of the Avon Old Farms School head of school and Board of Directors, and in accordance with the school’s philosophy, the mission of the Avon Old Farms Parents of Avon is to promote camaraderie and a sense of community among Avon families and friends and enhance the academic, athletic, and extracurricular experiences of the Men of Avon.

What We Do

The Parents of Avon meet monthly during the school year. Following a short general meeting to plan concession stands, the Blue Blazer Ball, and other projects, we enjoy listening to faculty (and often students) speak on topics like clubs and community service programs, intersession highlights, and school traditions. We often visit parts of campus like our newly renovated refectory and servery, the Estabrook Arts Center, the STEM complex, and the Nimrod Cabin and Pavilion. Our meetings are a wonderful way to meet other parents and get "the inside scoop" at AOF. Join us! 
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Robin DiNicola   POA President



Parent to Jack '23 and Joseph '18
From Wolcott, CT

“I love the AOF parent support and friendships❤️ 

I love how AOF helps our boys form relationships with adults and build confidence.” 

Marion Kistler

Parent to Wesley '24

From Dallas, TX

"We loved Avon immediately and so did our son, Wesley.  Even though we toured campus during the pandemic when no students were present, the kindness, commitment, and sense of family were evident just from the faculty alone.  The mission to celebrate traditions and inspire excellence made us feel certain that Wesley will be well prepared for his future. Mostly, though, the focus on brotherhood has meant the most.  In just a little over one semester, Wesley has made great friends and is loving his school!"

Amy Morris

Parent to Sawyer '24 and Bradley '20

From Avon, CT

“I love AOF because it makes boys better people. You feel it the minute you step on campus!!!"

Marisa Pratt

Parent to Stratton '23

From Farmington, CT

“Avon delivers on its promise to not only teach boys but shape them into fine young men of Avon that will be prepared not just for college but for the world ahead of them. Tim and I have seen such remarkable growth in Stratton as he takes on all that AOF has to offer. The academic rigor has been exceptional and has challenged him on a whole new level. The vast array of clubs, sports, and student-led opportunities has enriched his extracurricular interests and expanded his confidence through leadership opportunities and positions. The brotherhood is real. Stratton has learned to self-advocate and has formed lasting relationships with both friends and teachers alike. Mrs. Riddle’s campus is truly one of a kind!”


Natalie Weaver

Parent to Melvin '23

From Farmington, CT

“I love the impact Avon Old Farms has had on Melvin’s academic confidence. In three months, my husband and I saw a change in his work ethic, his drive and determination to succeed. Avon Old Farms is not just preparing Melvin for the rigor of college, they are shaping a successful and accomplished young man.”