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10 Day Amazon Rainforest Expedition: June 2 - 12, 2018

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A trip to the Peruvian rain forest is being offered next June 2018. This is a terrific opportunity to experience the incredibly rich ecosystem biodiversity in the amazon rain forest and to experience the culture of indigenous people living along the river. We will stay in 4 uniquely different lodges along the banks of the Amazon River, and participate in a variety of programs including:

1. Appreciation of an extreme variety of fauna and flora through morning boat excursions and night walks in the forest

2. Service experience (painting, planting, carpentry) at a selected Amazon river community

3. Cultural emersion with the Yagua people

4. Science enrichment at a research station with access to a rainforest canopy walk that stretches over ¼ mile

5.Visit with a community shaman to learn how ethnobotanical resources are used to treat disease

6. Visit animal rehabilitation shelters (monkey island and/or manatee preserve)

If you are interested in this exploratory experience, please contact Dr. Jack Sanford, Science Teacher at or visit the trip website at:



11 Day France and Spain Trip: March 8 - 18, 2018

We welcome one and all of our boys to join us on an educational tour of France and Spain during our March Break. The 11 day tour will run from March 8-18. Information can be found here:

The itinerary is fantastique/ fantástico! We start in Madrid, with a day trip to Tolédo and a stopover in Pamplona on our way northwest to San Sebastián, and then north to Bordeaux, France, and through the chateaux country to Paris and Versailles! We will visit museums, cathedrals, and beaches, take walking tours of ancient neighborhoods, see a soccer match and eat mouth-watering dishes all along the way. 

If you are interested, you may sign up at the above website. We will also be available during Family Weekend, but you may contact us or our travel agent, Steve Hart, who is taking care enrollment and fees.

Bon Voyage!

Holly Mathews

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