Brotherhood: It Extends FAR Beyond These Red Stone Walls

Our Community Life Promise

The Dean of Students Office remains committed to supporting the Brotherhood and sense of connection within the Avon community over the next several months. The Communications Office is in the process of creating a space on our website which will serve as a hub for students, faculty, and families to connect each day. Working closely with our students, we will populate this page daily with videos, presentations, competitions, birthday greetings, chapel talks, and messages from students such as our Warden Gentry Shamburger, or cheers from Captain Avon. It is important for our students to interact and stay connected. We welcome other ideas from students or parents—please contact Brian Doyle at with ideas and suggestions. 

Morning Meeting

Avon is committed to providing opportunities for students to interact with each other in meaningful ways. Our Communications Team is developing a Morning Meeting page on our website which will allow students and families to stay connected to each other. We plan to post Chapel Talks as well as video messages from faculty members and student leaders.  Students and faculty members will be encouraged to submit videos for various competitions and other fun initiatives. The site will also provide opportunities for students and athletic teams to participate in mindfulness exercises with Mr. Custer, Yoga with Mrs. Doyle, and workouts with Major Bourgault. In the near future, we will communicate with the Avon community and provide instructions for submitting content.

Advisor / Club Meetings

Your son’s advisor will be setting up ZOOM meetings over the next few days. We hope that by connecting with his advisor, in advance of classes beginning, that students will be able to answer many of their questions and feel supported. The daily academic schedule also provides regularly scheduled time for this connection. 

Personal Belongings

Personal items: Given Governor Lamont’s recent request for Connecticut residents to stay at home, we are continuing our policy of not allowing students/families to return to campus to pack up dormitory rooms. If students need necessary items in the short term from campus, please fill out one of the following forms. Please contact Jill Craft at with any questions. We are not able to ship larger amounts of items at this time.

Please know that as soon as it is safe and advised, we will open campus for students to pack up their rooms. Details will follow in the coming weeks.

School Suite

We intend to send School Suite notifications to students each day which clarify the daily schedule and direct students to the website for important announcements.

Community Life FAQs

Contact Information
Brian Doyle
Dean of Students