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Academics: Taking it online!

Virtual Spring Semester: REAL Learning ONline

Our dedicated faculty are excited and prepared to work with our students in this classroom environment. The plan will ensure the continuity of learning and intellectual engagement for our students, as well as connection for our community. This program is designed to be student-centered, relational, and supportive.


The weekly schedule was created after extensive research into best practices with learning online. We have experience conducting online learning in the summer and our spring 2020 schedule emphasizes both synchronous (scheduled) and asynchronous (more flexible) learning. We have three specific schedules to share. 

1. The plan is to meet all classes on Friday, March 27. Advisors are contacting each student by Wednesday, March 25, to make sure that students are informed of this schedule.

Download March 27 Academic Schedule

2. From Monday, March 30, through Friday, May 8, we created an alternating daily schedule to provide for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.This schedule is available in Veracross under “Daily Schedule” tab. We included an Advisor period and/or a Community Life period each day to emphasize personal support and connect students to our community.  We also added two academic enrichment sessions each day to ensure our students are receiving the individual support that is a central feature to our academic program.

Download the Weekly Academic Schedule

3. Beginning on Monday, May 11, through Thursday, May 21, students will be focused on cumulative class projects in each of their core courses. These projects will be factored into the fourth quarter grade in each course. There will be no separate final exams.

Download May 11-21 Academic Program Guide

Zoom Video Conferencing

The school has partnered with the leader in delivering online learning to academic communities. Zoom is a powerful teaching tool that will allow teachers to have live and recorded meetings with classes, share content, and manage online learning. Faculty have received training using Zoom, and students are required to open their own Zoom accounts using their email addresses. Advisors are meeting with students to support the student sign-up process. Zoom links for each class will be posted in Veracross on the assignment page.

Student Expectations

 The academic committee and school administration created policies similar to our student handbook, but modified for our program this spring.  Students and families should be familiar with school expectations.

Download the Student Expectations 


Teachers and students will continue to utilize Veracross to manage academic assignments, grades, and notifications.

Textbooks/Class Materials

Electronic versions of textbooks are being made available by publishers at no additional cost. Teachers will pass along the necessary information about e-texts from publishers, and will coordinate with students to make sure they have the materials they need.

Standardized Testing/AP Exams

SAT and ACT exams have been postponed for the spring. Additionally, the College Board has modified the AP exam format for 2020 to administer the exams online in a modified, shortened format. Details may be found on the College Board website. For this spring, AP exams will be optional for Avon students, and AP teachers will communicate with their students and advise accordingly.

Academic Questions Contact Information
Jonathan Crocker
Director of College Counseling
Dean of Studies, English Teacher


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