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Fitness and Sports-Readiness

While our school community will remain distanced for the remainder of the spring season, it will be beneficial for your son to keep a consistent and healthy routine. Exercise should play a role in this routine and as a foundation towards his future athletic goals.

Currently, our spring Varsity coaches are planning sport-specific workout programs for their teams. If your son is not currently on a Varsity spring team, but is interested in being involved in these workouts, please have him contact the Athletic Directors so that we can share the program with him.

Additionally, each day we will share a “Workout of the Day” on the Morning Meeting webpage that is being developed. Your son will be able to complete these workouts at home, without the need for any special exercise equipment and will be geared toward all levels of ability. Our hope is that he will choose to complete these workouts each day. To reinforce the importance of physical activity, we have created an incentive program that will be facilitated using TeamBuildr, an online strength and conditioning program that will allow him to track his workouts and enable us to monitor participation and progress. There will be more information to follow on the website.

For the underclassmen, as we look toward the 2020-2021 school year, many of you are excited about training for a fall sport. Coach Brennan, Coach Larson, and Coach Stensland (our next Varsity soccer coach) will begin putting together workouts for their respective sports in the next few weeks.

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John Bourgault
Director of Athletics


Director of Athletics