Rethinking Race & Slavery Breakout Sessions

10:45-11:45, Slavery and Race Taught and Commemorated 

Session 5: Slavery in the Atlantic World During the Age of Revolution

Charles R. Foy, Eastern Illinois University (emeritus), “Using the Black
Mariners’ Database (BMD) to Illustrate the Shape of Freedom in the
Eighteenth-Century Atlantic.”

Andre J. Beliveau, University of Sheffield, “Loyal Freedom: The Impact of Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation on the Black Freedom Struggle.”

Moderated by CCSU faculty

Session 6: Origins of Slavery and the Uses of the Past

Dan Hodgson, Avon Old Farms School, “History in the Writing of Ross Gay.”

David Porteous, independent scholar, “Slavery in the USA: a Succinct
Summary of Its Roots and Branches.”

Moderated by Weston Stephens and AOF student Chris Zhang and Wyatt Weekes

Session 7: How to Remember Slavery

Dennis Culliton, Witness Stones Project, Guilford, Connecticut, “The Witness Stones Project and the Grassroots Commemoration of Slavery in Connecticut.”

Adam Arenson, Manhattan College, “Teaching About Slavery in the Bronx.”

Moderated by Brian Cugell and Central Conn. State U faculty

Session 8: Racism and Civil Rights 100 Years Ago: Lessons from the Early-20th Century

Barbra Mann Wall, Thomas A. Saunders III Professor of Nursing, University of Virginia, “Reinterpreting History Beyond Whiteness: the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.”

Christopher Bolster, University of Connecticu, “Between the Worlds of
Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois.”

Moderated by Chris Doyle and AOF students James Wilborn, Akil Smart