The Refectory

Dining Services

We start with fresh, whole ingredients and prepare our menu items from scratch.

Flik Independent School Dining is proud to be the dining service provider at Avon Old Farms. Flik is the market leader in independent school dining and works off of the mantra Eat.Learn.Live.

As Avon's provider, it is Flik's responsibility to create top-quality, nutritious meals every day. Flik's passion is represented in daily menus and food preparation philosophy. Avon's menus, which feature local and sustainable items, are created by Executive Chef Hector Vazquez specifically for our community’s needs. If you have any questions about the menus, allergies or our food and nutrition philosophy, please contact the Avon Old Farms Refectory at 860-404-4230.

Sustainable Nutrition

Our menu boasts wholesome food carefully crafted with the best ingredients – some of which are grown by our students!