Health Insurance for International Students

Dear Families of International Students,

Avon Old Farms School requires that all students carry sufficient medical insurance. We have partnered with Clifford Allen Associates to provide a policy that meets these requirements for our international families.

Students eligible for this insurance include: 

  1. International students with citizenship outside the United States 
  2. Students with dual citizenship (U.S. Citizenship + international citizenship) 
  3. U.S. Citizens whose family resides full-time outside of the United States 

This is the same policy that has been offered in the past but, unlike last year, families will enroll directly. Students may not move into their dorm on their day of arrival without sufficient medical insurance coverage.

Please follow the instructions below to purchase medical insurance for your son. You will be asked to pay Clifford Allen Associates directly using a credit card.  Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover are accepted.  Medical insurance will NOT appear on your tuition account.


  1. Click here to purchase medical insurance for your student. 
  2. After choosing your country of origin, you will be able to read the coverage details and policy brochure. 
  3. Click "Enroll Now" to enroll your son in the policy. 
  4. Choose a plan (10 month and 12 month plans are offered). 
  5. Complete your purchase. 
  6. Receive a copy of your son's insurance card. ID cards will be available beginning in June, at which time you must upload a copy into Magnus Health

In very few cases, international families may have sufficient medical insurance coverage through their employer (for example, if you work for a U.S.-based company overseas).

If you have questions regarding your son's current medical insurance and whether or not it will be considered sufficient, or any other questions regarding medical insurance or healthcare here in the United States, please contact the Director of Nursing, Heather Callaghan, at