Meet Your Nutrition Coach

Thanks to the generosity of the Parents of Avon, we have been able to partner with a certified nutrition coach for the remainder of the school year in order to bring our boys a variety of programs related to nutrition. We will be offering programs such as seminars on a variety of topics suggested by students, small group Q&A sessions, team nutrition meetings, etc. By working in conjunction with our very talented refectory staff, we hope that Denise can offer our boys some helpful tools and knowledge that will help them make good choices on how to best fuel their bodies in order to achieve maximum performance and health. We are excited to be able to offer this very important resource to our very active, growing boys!    - Heather Callaghan, Director of Nursing

Meet Your Nutrition Coach

Hello! My name is Denise Olson. My husband and I own CrossFit Simsbury, where I am the nutrition coach. I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with the students of Avon Old Farms and am looking forward to spreading education about basic nutrition and how to use food as fuel to support optimal performance in both school and sports. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and our nutrition program. My mission is to improve the health of the community. Put simply: I want to make people healthier, and happier. I do this by working with members on their nutrition—and of course—their physical fitness! You may be wondering how I ended up at Avon Old Farms. My husband attended high school at AOF and I actually worked with Heather Callaghan, Director of the Health Center, at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We ended up crossing paths again when she reached out to me about helping with nutrition education for the AOF students and here I am! 

My approach to nutrition is fairly simple: I believe in eating real, whole foods and keeping processed foods and sugar to a minimum to feel your best. There are a million and one fad diets and celebrities talking about the latest smoothie cleanse. What people need is a simple, sustainable approach to nutrition—that’s what I offer. I focus on healthy habits and behavior change because this is what yields long term results. When it comes to kids and teenagers...YOUR focus is on helping them to see the relationship between the food they eat and the way they feel. It's my ultimate aim to train the young men at Avon Old Farms on how to use their nutrition to function at their best and be the best students and athletes they can be. 

AOF students are really lucky to be in a setting where their coaches and staff understand how important nutrition is and want to facilitate a better understanding of it. I look forward to getting to know your kids and helping them to optimize their nutrition through meetings with individual sports teams as well as seminars and Q&A sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at


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