Arts: How to Get Creative at Home

This is a challenge for all folks, with or without art experience!

Don't let that pile of laundry, stack of toys, or loads of random tools and objects sitting around the house go to waste. They are actually hiding inspirational capabilities to be a part of a shadow sculpture. Art is all around us, and this venture will allow us to literally create the shadow of something recognizable from random, well-placed objects. 

What you’ll need: Steady hands, an imagination, and a flashlight. 

Steps to create Shadow Sculpture:

- Come up with an image of what you want to create: a city skyline, the silhouette of an animal, the profile of a person, etc.

- Find a blank wall in the house to use and an empty, low-traffic area on the floor or table to begin "sculpting" with random objects.

- Start gathering a few objects, begin the base of your sculpture. Don't get too far with details yet, just some unfolded sheets, or a set of books, etc.

-Get a strong flashlight or other concentrated light source and set it up behind the sculpture area you'll be building on, but set to project the objects onto the wall. Make sure it's steady so that once it's in place, it doesn't move. Play around with where it needs to be placed as the distance to the wall will affect the blur or clarity of the line being projected.

-Start building to fill in the silhouette you want to create! This is about thinking creatively, thinking outside the box, and using a variety of unrelated found materials to create an illusion of something defined and recognizable. The possibilities are boundless!


In need of some inspiration? Check out these artists:

Here's a link to an artist I used for inspiration!

Check out this Artworks for Change site to see up close several of the Noble/Webster recycled material sculptures that cast incredible shadows.