Finding ‘Avon’: A Scavenger Hunt

This spring, freshman Alexander ‘Zander’ Mitchell, of Cheshire, Conn., was participating in online learning like the rest of the students adjusting to life amid a global pandemic. One day, instead of playing lacrosse at Avon Old Farms School, Zander was out for a run with his dad when he had an idea.

“We were going for a run, and we passed an “Avon Blvd.,” which gave me an idea,” Zander explained. “I wondered how many other ‘Avon’ signs I could find.”

It turns out, there are many. Zander typed in “Avon St,” “Avon Rd,” “Avon Ave,” and others into Google Maps and with a little luck, found seven near each other in Connecticut.

“So, we took one morning, probably two or so hours, to search out these streets. It was fun to get out of the house, enjoy a little road trip, and do a fun type of ‘scavenger hunt’ to find ‘Avon.’”

From Branford to Milford and many places in between, Zander took photos with each sign: some high, some low, some a little crooked, but each a reminder of his beloved school.

“I want to challenge other people to go find Avon roads near them and take a picture wearing some Avon gear, like a t-shirt or something,” he said.

So, while we cannot return to campus this spring, we’d be interested if you can find a little piece of Avon near you. Submit your own photos following Zander’s lead to