Larry Hammerman ’71

All of us know and realize that the decisions of the Headmaster represents all of us—everyone in the AOF family is connected in some way. Also realize that, in life, WE must work as a 'total team to survive what is happening in our lives now!

As current students, however, all IS NOT lost: you will still be able to finish your semester academically, move on, AND prepare yourselves for all of life's challenges even though, a little differently, than you expected.

This 'deterrent’ should be a great lesson in the preparation for your future (for ALL of us, really). Everyone in your world is happy with what you have accomplished and the young people you have (and are) becoming! You have made great sacrifices in your lives and will continue to do so in the future. Your AOF family like your other families will NOT forget about you, but, will be there for you, to help in your progress in the future, as WE have always done for each other! Continued GREAT LUCK and Prosperity in your young lives!

Aspirando et Perseverando!


All The Best,
Larry Hammerman ’71