At Avon, we go beyond academic teaching ...each boy is strategically EMPOWERED with tools to successfully navigate their present ...their future lives. Our Prep4ward program trains students with developmentally-appropriate curriculum focused on these four pillars: 

An Avon boy experiences the added value of life training.

He is expertly taught skills that will help him—in the moment and throughout life—to develop his character, hone his leadership skills, obtain practical life know-how, and create a healthy way of being. 

The Prep4ward program is led by our experienced and caring faculty as well as other experts in how boys develop. The ultimate goal of the foundational program is to educate and inspire boys to be successful in their academic pursuits while attending the school and in their lives after Avon.  

Walter on being prepared for life: "Avon is different..."


"I think of this school like a teacup sized version of life. This contradicts the common idea that 'boarding school shields youth from the realism of life,' but that's because Avon is different. This school embodies the struggle to achieve memories of a lifetime, be it in the classroom, sporting arena, or wherever a student studies his passion on campus. The reason I like this school can not be put into words, but it is the smile on my face day in and day out that says it all."


Boys are Relational Learners

Prep4ward augments our existing academic program with grade-level instruction about essential issues that shape our students’ lives now and in the future. Recognizing that boys are relational learners, Avon faculty and staff participate in these sessions either as lead teachers helping to develop content and provide instruction or as facilitators of small-group exercises, activities, and discussions. Student leaders also participate by sharing their experiences that might be important to developing the topic at hand. 

Additionally, Prep4ward features a significant number of sessions on topics related to the college process and academic achievement, from managing the college application process and transitioning to a college campus and all of the related social issues to introducing effective and healthy study strategies.   

"Prep4ward is fundamentally educational and information-based. Understanding good information empowers students to be leaders in their own lives at a time when many may feel that things are out of their hands." - Rob Whitty, Associate Headmaster

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A Campus Alive with Opportunities to be Healthy & Well

We don't just teach boys how to be healthy and well at Avon, our very campus breathes life and wholeness. Each boy wakes daily to breathtaking views of the mountains and is encouraged to hike, fish, garden, and generally be mindful of where he stands. 

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