Aspirando et Perseverando

Our founder, Theodate Pope Riddle, created our school to grow leaders – independent in thought and strong in principles.

Honoring Tradition. Inspiring Excellence.

Avon Old Farms develops boys into men of strong moral character with conviction who learn together in an inclusive, time-honored community defined by academic, athletic, and creative excellence.

Nestled among Cotswold-inspired architecture on 860 acres in the Farmington Valley, Avon Old Farms — the best boy boarding school in Connecticut — stands as the leader in preparing young men for higher education. The school’s founder, Theodate Pope Riddle, was one of America’s first, successful, female architects, and she serves as the cornerstone of our school’s motto, Aspirando et Perseverando -- To Aspire and to Persevere. Mrs. Riddle’s fortitude and vision in 1927 created the groundwork for an institution that challenges boys in the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. Throughout this process, students find unwavering support and create fraternal bonds that will last a lifetime.

Avon Values: The Foundation for Growth

Avon understands boys and appreciates their energy and how they learn. We have created an environment where students at our all boys boarding school in Connecticut are able to become their best selves by focusing on the values of brotherhood, scholarship, integrity, and sportsmanship. Built upon these strong cornerstones, the lessons learned at Avon will endure for a lifetime.


Our Brotherhood is real. At Avon Old Farms, boys are challenged to aspire, persevere in the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. Throughout the process, our students find unwavering support and create fraternal bonds that will last a lifetime.


Our students learn to question. The key to living a life of value and meaning is rooted in curiosity. Our curriculum encourages boys to question; this pursuit of truth is the ultimate definition of higher learning.


Men of Avon exemplify a deep sense of morality. Society needs honest men with a strong moral compass. We challenge boys to explore what is right, what is wrong, and how they can strive to be their best selves.


Winged Beavers compete at the highest level. The path to victory, or defeat, is riddled with trials and tribulations. The way in which one responds to these hurdles defines the character of a man. At Avon Old Farms, we embrace this struggle, learning lessons that will last a lifetime.

Avon is Where I...


“I came to Avon for the brotherhood. I was looking for a lot of different things in my high school, including strong academics, a strong team, and a strong community. I found all that and more at Avon Old Farms.”

- Evan Carp '17