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The brotherhood is real.
Avonians are challenged to aspire and persevere in the quest for knowledge and self-improvement. Through their journey, our students are met with the unwavering support of their classmates and forge fraternal bonds that will last a lifetime.

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Our students learn to question.
At Avon, we teach students to question, to value reason, and to pursue truth. We provide boys with the tools and instill in them the courage to carry that pursuit forward on their own – which is the ultimate definition of higher learning.
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Men of Avon exemplify a deep sense of morality.
Our society needs honest men with strong moral compasses. We challenge our boys to explore what is right, what is wrong, and how they can strive to be their best selves.

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Winged Beavers compete at the highest level.
Winged Beavers compete at the highest level where the path to victory, or defeat, is riddled with trials and tribulations. At Avon Old Farms, we use these hurdles as opportunities to teach young men what it means to be a good sportsman.

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Theodate Pope Riddle, our founder, created a forward-thinking school for boys in a unique village setting. Her architecture is renowned. The landscape is breathtaking. We welcome you to go ahead and meander through campus: interact with photo galleries; engage in videos that highlight our students and faculty; and gather little-known facts about our historic Avon Old Farms School.