Academia at Avon Old Farms

Our academic program is based on a liberal arts model and is designed to inspire a curiosity in learning that will prepare our graduates to be responsible, empathetic global citizens.


Avon teachers are completely immersed in the community as dorm parents, coaches, and mentors. As a result, they really know their students. Our faculty forge meaningful relationships with students through a structured mentor program, and develop an understanding of how each student best learns and what he needs to excel.

As experts in their fields, teachers at Avon bring lessons to life and create compelling context for engaging class discussion. Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are taught by example through practical application, inquiry, and debate.

The Avon Advantage

With an average class size of 12, our teachers are able to practice what they know to be true: boys are relational learners.

Strategic Space

Boys thrive when they are given structured space to explore. Intersession – an intensive 2-week program– broadens our curriculum through excursions, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary work.

Academic Requirements

"Wherever a boy fits in, and whatever his interest levels are, we’re going to find ways to satisfy those interests and inspire him to think more.”

Rob Dowling, Provost

With a tradition of 100% college acceptance and a commitment to continuing it, Avon designs its curriculum to meet common college admission requirements. However, Avon students are encouraged to pursue their studies beyond these requirements in order to be as competitive as they can in the college process.

Avon students are required to complete the following studies:

  • English — Four years
  • History — Three years (including U.S. History)
  • Mathematics — Three years (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
  • Science — Three years with intensive laboratory work (including Biology)
  • World Language — Two years of the same language
  • Fine Arts — One credit
Each year a student pursues a program of study consisting of at least five courses each semester, including a minimum of four core subjects chosen from the following disciplines: English, history, mathematics, science, world language, and art.
Departmental honors courses are offered to all students who combine academic achievement with the discipline and desire necessary to study more demanding material. Many of these courses prepare students directly for the Advanced Placement examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board. Placement in honors courses, based upon student request and teacher recommendation, is determined by the Academic Deans.
Avon Old Farms School reserves the right to withdraw or add courses, and to offer courses in terms other than those designated in the listing.