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Trevor Stern

Trevor Stern

Academic Dean, Grade 9, English Teacher
B.A. English, Trinity College
M.A.L.S, Wesleyan University


I was born and raised in Easton, Connecticut.  For high school, I had the opportunity to attend the Loomis Chaffee School. My experience at Loomis Chaffee was life changing; it was there that I developed the desire to pursue a major in literature in college and a career at an independent school. I went on to attend Trinity College and graduated in 2011 with a BA in English. In 2018, I earned a Masters in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctoral degree at Vanderbilt University. At both Loomis Chaffee and Trinity College, I was the captain of the varsity lacrosse team.  At Avon, I am an Academic Dean and teach in the English department. Outside of the classroom, I am the dorm head of Brown House and work as the Defensive Coordinator for the Varsity Lacrosse team in the spring. I live in Brown House with my wife, Alyssa, and our yellow labrador, Trapper.



Upon graduation from Trinity College, I headed out to Boulder, Colorado, where I worked at the Alexander Dawson School, a private day school.  In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I coached lacrosse, basketball, and soccer at Alexander Dawson. Furthermore, I worked as a head coach at 3d Lacrosse in Denver.


I am always at a loss for words when asked what it is like to work at Avon Old Farms; this is quite uncommon for an individual who teaches English. There are so many wonderful aspects to Avon Old Farms that are intangible. As a school, we are rooted in deep tradition that continues to permeate through all facets of daily life, and this is a constant reminder that students and faculty are part of a bigger picture. As a faculty member, I strive to uphold the excellence of educating boys that Mrs. Riddle envisioned in 1927. Students are continually aiming to become better men, like the brothers before them. These are humbling and momentous tasks. The Avon Old Farms community is banded together in everything that we do, whether we are raising money for underprivileged families in Hartford during Christmas, giving blood to the Red Cross, or supporting a team for a big game. Our brotherhood is something that needs to be experienced, and words are never quite just. Avon Old Farms encourages boys to be all that I strive to be in a man; a man who honors wisdom, justice, inclusion, service and the pursuit of truth. Each day, I am honored to be a part of this family.