David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center

A Place to Discover Individual Learning Tools

The Bigelow Learning Center at Avon Old Farms serves all students (with and without learning differences) as they work to achieve their academic goals, learn essential study skills, and meet the demands of a college preparatory school curriculum. 

Our proven methodology—along with the solid relationships formed with the students—results in boys who gain an understanding of their own unique learning styles. Equipped with a new confidence and the right tools, these students are empowered to become independent life-long learners.  Academic coaches work in concert with families and the faculty to help empower boys (with a wide range of learning styles) to reach their full academic, personal and creative potential. 

The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center is FREE and is open to ALL students.

Academic Coaching at its Best

Our team of nurturing educators can help a student:

  • Manage time & learn organizational strategies
  • Understand individual learning styles
  • Develop active reading and textbook skills
  • Take better notes
  • Improve memory recall
  • Strategize how best to work with learning differences
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Utilize tools to combat procrastination
  • Procure excellent study habits
  • Access available campus resources
  • And more!




Avon Old Farms School is not a special needs school and is not equipped to provide individualized educational programs for students with severe physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities. The School does comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is willing to implement or make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of students with documented learning or behavioral disabilities. Accommodations must be reasonable and must NOT fundamentally alter the academic program at Avon Old Farms School. All students, regardless of disability, will be held to the School’s standards for academic achievement and personal conduct. 

Accommodations May Include:

  • Additional time (50%) on quizzes, tests, and exams
  • Use of laptop/computers & calculators on all assessments
  • Alternate/quiet setting room for final exams
  • Audio version of books
  • Reading guides

A foreign language waiver will NOT be granted at Avon Old Farms.

Academic Accommodation Policy



Frequently Asked Questions



Avon Old Farms David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center...

“As parents of three Avon Old Farms boys we have seen the significant role the Bigelow Learning Center has played in our sons’ academic successes at Avon Old Farms and on into their college years.  The Bigelow Learning Center provides an environment where small classroom sizes get even smaller. The boys learn to feel comfortable with who they are as students and confident when asking for help, knowing they have a place and teachers to turn to for guidance. ”

- Dr. & Mrs. Marshall (Conner '18,  Brendan '20, Kieran '24)