College Counseling

"Our son had all the information and guidance he needed every step of the way, including formulating a list of schools, fulfilling application requirements and meeting deadlines. We had a great degree of confidence in the advice our son was given, and were always able to get prompt answers to our questions and concerns."
Paul and Angela DiGiovanni, Parents

College Counseling

As a top college prep school in Connecticut for boys, we thoughtfully guide our students to identify and facilitate the right higher learning match.

An Avon student begins his college counseling process during sophomore year – setting expectations and goals early. By senior year, he is prepared to take the lead on this leg of his journey to adulthood. As a result, our students attend some of the world’s finest colleges and universities and go on to become highly successful during their post-secondary careers.


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"Ms. Barzun provided my son with all the tools, encouragement, and counseling needed to confidently submit his college applications at the beginning of his senior year."

- Carmen Vega, Parent

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