Postgraduate Program

Postgraduate Program


Each year, Avon Old Farms School accepts between 15 and 20 postgraduate students, or PGs. Postgraduates are students who enroll in an extra year of high school between graduation and matriculation into college. Some are seeking an additional year to boost their grades and improve their academic profiles, while others are looking for an extra year of high school athletics before making the transition to the collegiate level. Some have deemed it wise to pursue another year of high school to gain maturity, and to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for the rigors of college.

Although PGs attend Avon for only one year, they are fully integrated into the school community, and are valuable members of the senior class. Most importantly, Avon seeks to ensure that this extra year is worthwhile and fulfilling for the PG student, and that he is better for having experienced it.


The Academic Dean designs each PG's schedule to enhance the student’s academic profile and to ensure that he is prepared for the intellectual intensity of college. Stronger students may take the Advanced Placement level of English 4. The academic workload is challenging for a PG at Avon, just as it is for all of our other students, but the support networks and resources are in place here for focused, hard-working boys to be successful.


Interest among PGs for admission to Avon Old Farms is keen, and competition for the few coveted spots is elevated; therefore, expectations are high for those PGs that are accepted. We expect our postgraduate students to immerse themselves in the community, and we rely on them to assume leadership roles in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in the dormitories. PGs at Avon should contribute to the school in a variety of ways, while remaining mindful of their own personal goals as they prepare for the transition to college.

College Counseling and Matriculation

Postgraduate students at Avon receive a great deal of personalized attention from the College Counseling Office. PGs begin meeting with our college counselors very early in the year – sometimes even over the summer – to be as completely prepared as possible when it comes time to apply to colleges. Our counselors can help revise a PG's college lists, or help him generate new ones featuring a number of schools ranging in selectivity.

Postgraduates at Avon are highly motivated, hard working, and are each an essential, welcome addition to the campus every year. They bring a variety of interests and abilities, and greatly enhance the school's diverse community.