Courses Offered at Avon Old Farms

Boys are relational learners.

At Avon Old Farms, young men are free to discover their true identity through the exploration of all aspects of school life without reservation.

If you have spent some time navigating our website, you have likely noticed that our department web pages are currently down. While we have a course catalog for you to familiarize yourself with the offerings in each department, the specific department web pages are under construction as part of a comprehensive curriculum review that began in earnest last winter. The objective of our curriculum review is to determine strategically what is best for our program in terms of what we teach and how we teach it within the framework of R.E.A.L Learning

We review curriculum on a regular basis to ensure our students are getting an appropriately rigorous college preparatory experience. However, by undergoing comprehensive curriculum review across departments, we will identify exciting points of intersection and evaluate current trends and ideas in education. There is a collaborative element at play, and we expect to reaffirm core courses and to establish new courses for the 2022–23 school year. 

A curriculum review on this scale is both challenging and exciting, and our departments have taken to this work in impressive fashion. Our curriculum review will conclude this winter, but department web pages will have refreshed content in November, so please check back periodically.

Thank you for your interest in our academic program. 

Graham Callaghan
Dean of Studies