a systematic approach to problem-solving while developing technical skill sets

As hands-on learners, boys respond well to technology when it comes to learning computer programming, engineering, and 3-D design.Avon's engineering and computer science program is designed to create a hands-on atmosphere for boys to collaborate and innovate across disciplines by using a systematic approach to problem-solving while developing technical skill sets.


Meet the Department Head

Our academic program is designed to be student centered and to instill a curiosity in learning across the disciplines.

Avon is Where I...

“I have always been competitive and interested in engineering. Robotics gave me a deeper understanding of how code works. The engineering program gave me the opportunities to transform my ideas into something tangible. Robotics and Club Forge allowed me to open my eyes to the intricacies of engineering.”

- Luke Adelsbach ’24

Unique Experiences

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing transforms ideas into products. In this course, students will learn about the manufacturing process, product design, and automation. They will develop their knowledge and skills in CAD (3D modeling software) to use our Haas Milling Machine, located in our new Engineering Lab. Students will apply their knowledge and skills gained in this course as they collaborate to design, build, and program our Haas TM-1p Mill.

The Art and Computer Science of Video Game Design

Video games have been a popular way to pass the time for decades. They’re fun to play, but how are they made? In this intersession class, we will take on the role of an indie game studio to create a video game of our own. Students will design the art for levels, items, and characters, as well as use Unity to write the code that makes the game work.

Engineering and Computer Science Enrichment Hour

Enrichment hour provides additional time during the week for students to continue the hands-on, trial-and-error nature of engineering and computer science coursework. Students are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them as part of the problem-solving process.

Competitive Robotics

In our robotics program, students with varying interests collaborate to create a final structure: from sketching designs, to creating parts on a 3-D printer, to programming the robot for competition. Our team competes at FIRST's FTC level.

Field Trips

Each year, students in a variety of engineering and design courses at Avon are able to tour local labs, including Kaman Industries, TRUMPF, Pratt & Whitney and the Morris Group, Inc.

Club Forge

Club Forge is an active club on campus that explores engineering concepts. The students in club forge have been involved in several projects, including High Altitude Balloon launch, gas to an electric go-cart, electrathon racecar, RC airplanes, and more. 

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