appreciating cultures, events, and peoples

The history department nurtures awareness and respect for the human condition in their students to encourage a passion for lifelong learning and an appreciation of various cultures, events, and peoples. The program of study in the history department allows students to gain an understanding of the development of societies and of the importance of multiple voices to work towards truth.

Students learn key historical skills such as how to research, evaluate varied sources, build a written historical argument, and participate in class discussion.


Meet the Department Head

Our academic program is designed to be student centered and to instill a curiosity in learning across the disciplines.

Avon is Where I...

“In my junior year history class with Mr. Magee, we learned about the stock market crash of 1929. We learned about the cause and effect, and it really interested me. It inspired me to learn more about economics and is part of the reason I am studying business in college.”

- Ayden Gauthier ‘21

Unique Experiences

Evans History Initiative

Sponsored by Chris Drew '85, P'17, P'18 and his family and named for legendary history teacher Peter M. Evans, P '98, the Evans History Initiative brings renowned historians to campus and is preceded by a series of teach-ins led by members of the history department in preparation for the visit. In recent years, the Evans History Initiative has featured Erik Larson, Lee McIntyre, Ramita Navai and Dexter Filkins.  

Race at 400 Years Conference

On November 8, 2019, Avon Old Farms hosted an international conference “Rethinking Race and Slavery at 400 Years.” The conference’s aim was to showcase the academic papers and lessons of educators working at the high school and post-secondary levels. The brainchild of Dr. Chris Doyle, this conference included 23 separate presentations in sessions that were attended by and, in some instances, moderated by AOF students. Over 100 educators from high schools and colleges attended the conference.

History Enrichment Hour

Developing sound research skills is essential for a history student at Avon, and enrichment hour is often used to get extra help with the different stages of an ongoing research project. On the nights before an in-class assessment, history students may also see that time as a collaborative study session facilitated by the teacher. Receiving targeted feedback on drafts of essays is still another way that a history student might benefit from enrichment hour.