learning about people and culture through a global perspective

Whether studying a modern language or Latin, students are enrolled according to ability from a beginner level to Advanced Placement. Studying world languages allows students the opportunity to learn about people and culture through a global perspective.The World Languages Department offers a variety of progressive, immersion courses in Mandarin and Spanish. Courses in Latin are offered for students interested in exploring the origins of modern language, the culture and history of the classical world, and its continuing influence today.


Meet the Department Head

Our academic program is designed to be student centered and to instill a curiosity in learning across the disciplines.

Avon is Where I...

“Mandarin with [my teacher] allows me to not only improve my knowledge of the language, but also become more interested in and aware of the culture in the most populous country in the world. Between playing Chinese Chess, making Origami swans, and enjoying Moon Cake during the Mid-Autumn festival, [My teacher] has allowed me to become more immersed in the culture and language of China.”

- Zander Mitchell ’23

Unique Experiences

Student-Driven Cultural Education

Avon Old Farms is fortunate to have enrolled young men from 21 different countries for the 2021-2022 school year. Morning meetings provide an opportunity for students from around the world to educate the school community about different cultures. Often these presentations include basic vocabulary lessons alongside important cultural information pertaining to history, food, music, landmarks, and current events.

Con Sal y Pimienta

(With Salt and Pepper)

In this intersession course students will learn about the cultural significance of and how to cook dishes from various Spanish speaking countries. The focus will be on authentic recipes that are culturally significant to the country that they come from. Activities will include researching food and recipes from Spain and Latin America, shopping in local markets for regional ingredients, and, of course, working hands on with those ingredients to cook and create these dishes. The course will focus on the art of exploring different countries, culture and food, and the art of cooking and the art of eating. Students will also take a cooking class from a professional chef and visit a Spanish market in NYC. The course will be taught in English.

World Language Enrichment Hour

World Language classes at Avon are taught in an immersion style in order to develop a comfort with the target language. Because of this, enrichment hour provides students with the opportunity to speak more with other students and their instructor. Using the target language is the best way to improve one’s proficiency.