What man is a man who does not make the world better?

At Avon Old Farms, every boy attends weekly classes and workshops in Character, Masculinity, and Brotherhood for one half of the year and Health, Wellness, DEI, and College Preparedness for the other half of the year through grade-specific small-group meetings with selected faculty, administrators, and invited speakers from both within and outside the Avon community to intentionally educate, model, and foster in every boy the importance of being a Good Man and a Good Brother.


The Character program will focus on defining what a good man is, using our mission as a guide. Topics such as morality, wisdom, leadership, decision making, respect, understanding and being a good citizen of our community and the world will be central themes. Our traditional Vespers program on Sunday nights will explore these same themes.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness component will include, but will not be limited to, topics such as the college process, sexual health, relationships, nutrition, mental health, substance use and abuse, personal care, sleep, and mindfulness.



Boys are Relational Learners

Prep4Ward augments our existing academic program with grade-level instruction about essential issues that shape our students’ lives now and in the future. Recognizing that boys are relational learners, Avon faculty and staff participate in these sessions either as lead teachers helping to develop content and provide instruction or as facilitators of small-group exercises, activities, and discussions. Student leaders also participate by sharing their experiences that might be important to developing the topic at hand. 

Additionally, Prep4ward features a significant number of sessions on topics related to the college process and academic achievement, from managing the college application process and transitioning to a college campus and all of the related social issues to introducing effective and healthy study strategies.

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