We Aspire. We Persevere.

On our magical campus, Men of Avon engage in R.E.A.L. Learning—Relational, Experiential, Active, and Lifelong lessons geared specifically to how boys learn best!

We Are Experts in Educating Boys

Welcome all future Avonians! You are now able to tour our legendary campus again; but, we invite you to visit us virtually if you so choose.

Our systematic approach to teaching boys—R.E.A.L. Learning—is the Relational, Experiential, Active, and Lifelong foundation for present and future success. In this world's changing academic landscape, we strategically empower boys to tackle life's challenges with tools accessed in our Prep4Ward training. Thought-leaders of today expertly equip young men to: put a priority on their own personal growth; lead with empathy; gain valuable life skills; and diligently seek overall body and mind wellness.

Men of Avon receive deliberate guidance, wisdom, and courage-to-excel from remarkable teachers, mentors, and coaches; in turn, they inspire us—the world—with their excellence.

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Why Avon?


The Brotherhood is Real; The Results are Extraordinary.

What exactly IS the Brotherhood at Avon? ...the Brotherhood is that undeniable current that flows in each student and back out into his everyday interactions.

He encourages artists to create without abandon. He celebrates the accomplishments of his fellow scholars. He joins arm-in-arm with the Avon Army to boost the success of his fellow Winged Beavers. He backs each endeavor; reaches an arm down to lift from each stumble. He—this legendary "Brotherhood"—is every Avonian chosen to enroll here, every teacher, every alumni ...he is a lifetime of meaningful connection.

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Teaching boys is our expertise.

Aspirando et Perseverando


Everything is all in one place.

There's more OPPORTUNITY. Life at Avon is balanced: we integrate learning, art, athletics, and service into a healthy social-emotional lifestyle.


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The Brotherhood


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Meet your BROTHERS


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Senior Noah Matalon Tells His Younger Self What Avon is Like


"Growing Into the Best Version of Himself"

"The 'brotherhood' promoted by Avon is not just a marketing concept; it truly is a vibrant and integral part of the Avon experience. The boys really do support each other, guide each other, and encourage each other. Our son's four years at Avon Old Farms have been transformational. Being a giver and receiver of this brotherhood has helped him grow into the best version of himself. We couldn't be more proud of him or more thankful for his Avon experience."

Lynn Hubbard, Parent


"There are so many aspects of being a student at Avon Old Farms—like our media production class, the refectory, and the new hockey rink. 

      Christian Hubbard