Why Avon?

Teaching boys is our expertise.

Aspirando et Perseverando


Everything is all in one place.

There's more OPPORTUNITY. Life at Avon is balanced: we integrate learning, art, athletics, and service into a healthy social-emotional lifestyle.


The Brotherhood

There's a built-in system of care—we call it "The Brotherhood"—at Avon. Boarding at the school gives a boy more opportunities to feel surrounded and cared for because:

  1. There's individual attention given: your son won't just be a number, he will have an advisor to talk to, a Big Brother to mentor him, and countless other boys he boards with.
  2. Faculty and friends celebrate your son's successes with him: we have a legendary family-like community that will get to know your son.
  3. Our traditions foster real connections: We eat meals family-style ...meaning your son will be face-to-face with his coaches and teachers several times a day.
  4. We are strategically inclusive: Your son will meet and interact daily with friends from around the globe.


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Are YOU an Avonian?


"This school embodies the struggle to achieve memories of a lifetime, be it in the classroom, sporting arena, or wherever one will go in life."


"I chose to come to Avon Old Farms to better myself and I found the support I needed to achieve my dreams."


"One of the most amazing parts about Avon education is that there is available information outside of the classroom."

Po Lam

"The immense support and unyielding enthusiasm between brothers have motivated me to pursue my dreams..."


"Teachers at Avon Old Farms recognize that a boy who knows how to think is more valuable than a boy who knows what to think.”


"Boys are competitive in everything we do ... In an all-boy environment, that mindset has pushed me to be my best self."


"Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to be a Winged Beaver. Avon is my home, and will always hold a special place in my heart."


"I like Avon for its emphasis on brotherhood and the fact that you can see it everyday on and off the athletic fields."


"There is a palpable sense of your peers and teachers wanting you to succeed on campus and it is truly contagious."


"I thrive in an all-boy environment ... Avon Old Farms allowed my transition from a foreign country to an American school to be very fluid."


"From our Boar's Head Festival to following the dorm flags out at graduation, the traditions are what makes Avon so special."


"The brotherhood at Avon has taught me that the little things can steer your life and someone else's very positively if you reach out."


"My life would be drastically different if I hadn't attended Avon Old Farms ... choosing to come here has been the best decision of my life."


"Avon’s diversity has allowed me to explore my passions and understand myself by studying other people's perspectives."


"Teachers at Avon are simply incredible. The amount of time and effort they pour into helping me become successful is astounding."


"Each moment at Avon is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself in the classroom, on the field, and in life."


"Inspiring faculty and a beautiful campus create a welcoming environment that optimizes learning and makes Avon a special place."


"The Brotherhood makes me feel at home here, whether it's in the dorms studying or playing video games with my friends."


"The support systems I have had throughout my time at Avon are what has sparked my ambition to try new things."


"The relationships I’ve formed with both students and teachers have taught me what it means to be part of a strong community."



Avon is Expert in Educating Boys

FAQs: Avonians tell us about life at an all-boys school.



Is Avon the Right School?

“Boys learn differently than girls. They just do. It’s something that we should embrace, not shy away from.” - Christopher J. Post, International Boys School Coalition Chairman

Embark on an Interactive 360 Journey

We welcome you to go ahead and meander through campus: interact with photo galleries; engage in videos that highlight our students and faculty; and gather little-known facts about our historic Avon Old Farms School.