Why Avon?


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Why Avon?

Teaching boys is our expertise.

Aspirando et Perseverando

Everything is all in one place.

There's more OPPORTUNITY. Life at Avon is balanced: we integrate learning, art, athletics, and service into a healthy social-emotional lifestyle.

There's a built-in system of care—we call it "The Brotherhood"—at Avon. Boarding at the school gives a boy more opportunities to feel surrounded and cared for because:

  1. There's individual attention given: your son won't just be a number, he will have an advisor to talk to, a Big Brother to mentor him, and countless other boys he boards with.
  2. Faculty and friends celebrate your son's successes with him: we have a legendary family-like community that will get to know your son.
  3. Our traditions foster real connections: We eat meals family-style ...meaning your son will be face-to-face with his coaches and teachers several times a day.
  4. We are strategically inclusive: Your son will meet and interact daily with friends from around the globe.

Avon is Expert in Educating Boys

FAQs: Avonians tell us about life at an all-boys school.

“Boys learn differently than girls. They just do. It’s something that we should embrace, not shy away from.” - Christopher J. Post, International Boys School Coalition Chairman

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We welcome you to go ahead and meander through campus: interact with photo galleries; engage in videos that highlight our students and faculty; and gather little-known facts about our historic Avon Old Farms School.  

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