More Opportunity to Shine

The theater is a place boys can go to build up their muscles of compassion; to practice listening and understanding; and to engage with people that aren't like themselves. In collaboration with nearby Miss Porter’s School, Avon's Old Farms Theater Company stages two or three major productions each year. 

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The Boys School Blog: Dig Deeper Into Avon's Theater Program

On Stage

The theater is a space where young men can try on new emotions and explore different characteristics. By performing in the Adams Theater, actors learn to develop self-expression, creativity, and confidence that carries through to other aspects of their character.

Behind The Scenes

Whether a boy is interested in woodworking to help build a set, painting and set design, or manipulating technology to enhance the final results of a scene, there is a space for him to learn in the theater without needing to perform under the lights.

In The Director's Chair

The Old Farms Theater Company continues Avon's tradition of nurturing the whole boy. Our skilled faculty open up a seat on the production team to students who are interested in mastering the theater from all perspectives, including directing and stage managing.