December 14 - 16, 2017

Schedule and Results

Thursday, December 14

3 p.m.

Game 1—Berkshire vs. Loomis Chaffee at Jennings Fairchild Rink 

RESULTS: Tie 1-1. Loomis wins in shootout.

5 p.m.

Game 2—St. Paul’s vs. Avon at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Avon 2-1 in overtime.

7 p.m.

Game 3— Gunnery  vs. Trinity-Pawling at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Tied 2-2. Gunnery wins in shootout.

9 p.m.

Game 4— Tabor  vs. Kent at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Tied 3-3. Kent wins in shootout.

Friday, December 15

9 a.m.

Game 5—Loomis Chaffee vs. Trinity-Pawling at Trinity College Rink

RESULTS: Tied 3-3, Trinity Pawling wins in shootout

Game 6—Berkshire vs. Gunnery at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Gunnery 4, Berkshire 0

11 a.m.

Game 7—St. Paul’s vs. Tabor at Trinity College Rink

RESULTS: St. Paul's 2, Tabor 0 

Game 8—Kent vs. Avon at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Kent 2, Avon 1 in overtime

3 p.m.

Game 9—Trinity-Pawling vs. Berkshire at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Tied 3-3, Trinity Pawling wins in shootout

5 p.m.

Game 10—Gunnery vs. Loomis Chaffee at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Gunnery 7, Loomis Chaffee 3

7 p.m.

Game 11—Kent vs. St. Paul’s at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Tied 1-1, Kent wins in shootout

9 p.m.

Game 12—Tabor vs. Avon at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Avon 5, Tabor 4 in overtime

Saturday, December 16

8:30 a.m.

Game 13—Berkshire vs. Tabor at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Berkshire 2, Tabor 1 

10:30 a.m.

Game 14—Loomis vs. St. Paul's at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Loomis 1, St. Paul's 1

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m.

Game 15—Trinity Pawling vs. Avon Old Farms at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Avon 5, Trinity Pawling 1

3:30 p.m.

Game 16—Gunnery vs. Kent— Championship Final at Jennings Fairchild Rink

RESULTS: Gunnery 2, Kent 1 in double overtime



Teams Participating:

  • Berkshire School, Sheffield, Massachusetts
  • The Gunnery School, Washington, Connecticut
  • Kent School, Kent, Connecticut
  • Loomis Chaffee, Windsor, Connecticut
  • St. Paul’s School, Concord, New Hampshire
  • Tabor Academy, Marion, Massachusetts
  • Trinity-Pawling School, Pawling, New York
  • Avon Old Farms School, Avon, Connecticut


For all games, the first-named team will wear white. Each team will play four games. There will be round-robin competition within each division. On Saturday, cross-divisional play will take place with the 4th place finishers in each division meeting; 3rd place and so on. 1. In the event that 2 teams are tied, head to head results will determine placement. 2. Ties between three teams with the same record will be broken first by goal differential and next by head to head results.



Pierpont Division

Trinity-Pawling School
The Gunnery School
Berkshire School
Loomis Chaffee School


Trautman Division

Avon Old Farms School
St. Paul's School
Tabor Academy
Kent School


Athletic Feed

Games and Rules:

  • All games are to consist of two halves of 25 minutes with an ice resurfacing between the two halves, except the championship game that will consist of three 18-minute periods.
  • Games will be played under NCAA Rules. Minor penalties will be 2 minutes and Major penalties will be 5 minutes, and Misconduct penalties will be 10 minutes.
  • No team may use more than twenty-one (21) players (including goalies) in a game.
  • The tie-breaking procedure for all games except the championship final will be as follows: one five minute “sudden death” period will be played. If the game is still tied, there will be a three-man “shoot out”. If this result in a tie, there will then be a “sudden death” shoot out: with no player shooting more than once. (The original three having moved to the bottom of the order of shooters.) If the championship final game is tied, a five minute “sudden death” overtime period will be played; followed by 18 minute “sudden death” periods until a verdict is reached. Warm-up periods for each game will be seven minutes.

Admission tickets ($10.00) for all games will be available at the gate to the rink. Admission per game is $5.00. (Tickets are complimentary for participants, coaches, etc.)


  • Avon Old Farms School—(860) 404-4100;
  • Rink Training Room ext. 4187 or Rink Manager ext. 4294
  • Trinity College Rink—(860) 297-5176

Boarding and Lodging:
All teams requesting lodging will be housed in the dormitories of Avon Old Farms School. Room assignments will be given out upon arrival of the team.
All meals will be served in the dining hall at Avon Old Farms School. Only players and coaches can eat in the dining hall. Parents and friends are encouraged to make alternative dining plans.
The tournament fee of $1,000.00 should be sent to:

John Gardner, Associate Headmaster

Avon Old Farms School
500 Old Farms Road
Avon, CT 06001
Squads must be limited to twenty-four (24) people (including coaches, manager, etc.)
Parents and friends desiring accommodations should make reservations at:

Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon — (860) 677-1651

The Farmington Inn in Farmington — (860) 677-2821
Residence Inn by Marriott in Avon – (860) 678-1666
The Hartford/Farmington Marriott Hotel in Farmington — (860) 678-1000


Teams needing transportation to and from Trinity College—$50 fee each way (pay driver with check or cash) must call ahead if transportation is required.