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Our mission is to promote camaraderie and a sense of community among Avon families and friends and enhance the academic, athletic, and extracurricular experiences of the Men of Avon.


Academic Questions Contact Information
College CounselingJonathan Crocker
Director of College Counseling

Course Selections: Grades 9-10Rob Whitty
Academic Dean

  • Course Selections: Grades 11, 12, and PG
  • Language Placement
Graham Callaghan
Academic Dean

Student Life Questions Contact Information
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Packing List
  • Dress Code
  • Student Permissions
Jill Craft
Administrative Assistant to Associate Headmaster




Cindy Tartaglia
Facilities Coordinator



Health Center


Lenore Severni
Director of Nursing




Room Assignments

Brian Doyle
Dean of Students



Student Bank & ATM


Accounts Receivable/Student Bank, Archivist Assistant



Technology and Portal Questions Contact Name

Deb Case
Director of Information Technology


Portal Logins/ VeracrossSheila Albert
Database Administrator

Hardware/Computer ResourcePeter Deckers
Associate Director of Information Technology

Athletics Questions Contact Name
  • Teams
  • Requirements
  • Impact Testing

John Bourgault
Director of Athletics


2017-18 Student Handbook

New Student FAQs

What is the dress code?

The dress-code has a few variations depending on the occasion.

  1. Classroom Dress - khakis or chinos, belt, button-up shirt, socks, dress shoes, tie, and a blazer. Classroom dress is to be worn during class days to morning meeting, class, and meals in the refectory.
  2. Smart Casual Dress - khakis or chinos, belt, button-up shirt, socks, and dress shoes. Smart Casual dress is to be worn during announced buffet meals and to Saturday events. A student is always notified beforehand when this dress is appropriate.
  3. Casual Dress - t-shirt, polo, jeans, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc. Casual dress can be worn when classes and special events are not in session - usually a Saturday afternoon and all-day Sunday.
  4. Vespers Dress- Grey pants, black belt, black polished shoes, black socks, white button-up, school tie, school blazer This is the School Uniform which should be worn during very special ceremonies like graduation. Vespers can be purchased off campus at Men’s Warehouse, or on-campus when Formals by Antonio comes on campus to fit students who wish to purchase their ensemble on-campus during the opening of school.
  • Boys typically wear their navy-blue school blazer most days, but are not required to do so, unless informed.
  • Shorts are allowed with classroom dress and smart casual only when the weather permits, the school’s Provost will make announcements stating when shorts are allowed. Shorts cannot have cargo pockets.

What size is my bed?

All beds are regular twin beds. Students are allowed to bring mattress pads with them or purchase one on a store run.

What can I bring into my dorm room?

  • One small refrigerator is allowed per room.
  • A monitor screen of any size and gaming systems are allowed.
  • Your room comes with a desk and chair, but you have the option to bring an office chair.
  • Fans are recommended, as there is no A/C in the dorms.

Are we allowed to have food in our dorm rooms? When can we order food for delivery?

Food is allowed in your rooms, however, you must be responsible for how you store it. You can order food after study hall and on the weekends. If you have questions regarding the Dining Hall, please contact Hector Vazquez at

Where and when do I get my class supplies?

You will begin your classes and then your teachers will make you aware of what you need to have for the year. Do not feel pressure to have any supplies when classes first start. All of the materials on your list will be in stock at the Hawk’s Nest School Store. You can also get supplies during school trips to Wal-Mart in the first week of school.

If I am a day student, what should I bring to school every day?

Each day student is assigned his own locker. We recommend that you keep a spare change of classroom dress in your locker at all times. You are also given a “laundry loop” upon which you can put your gym clothes after practices so that they are washed for the next day by our equipment manager. It is up to you to determine which books you need to bring back and forth between home and school.

Do the weekend activities cost anything?

No, all tickets for weekend activities are purchased by the school for students. However, some school dances are fundraisers during which there may be a suggested donation upon entry. All students sign up for social activities the week of the activity via email.

How do I get my books?

Books can be purchased through our online bookstore and should be picked up on campus during opening day registration. Books are available to rent or buy.

What happens if I get sick in the middle of the night?

Our Health Center is open:

  • Weekdays from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Saturdays from 7 -11:30 a.m. and 6 - 7 p.m.
  • Sundays from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 6 p.m - 7 p.m.
When the health center is closed, a faculty member and a school nurse are on-call. If a student is in need of medical assistance, he should call the faculty member who is on-call, whose number will be posted in the dormitory. If the situation is urgent, the boy should call 911. UCONN Health Center is five minutes away, and the on-call faculty member will transport the boy there if necessary.

Is it mandatory for me to play three sports?

No. You are required to participate in two competitive sports out of the three seasons that you are at Avon. However, there are several afternoon activities that fall under the category of “competitive sport” (Robotics, Independent Art Project, Drama, Team Manager). Freshmen are encouraged to participate in a competitive sport during the fall season, as being a part of a team is valuable when it comes to acclimating to a new community environment. Seniors are only required to participate in one competitive sport. AOF Strength does not count as a competitive sport, and is only open to grades 10, 11, 12 and PGs.

How can I sign out to go home or leave for the day?

Boarders are not allowed to have cars on campus.

  1. Local leaves- Students are allowed to check out to town at appropriate times during the week. Any unauthorized leave from campus will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Students are not allowed to ride with any driver under the age of 23. Day students are never allowed to drive boarding students.
  2. Weekends- Weekend leaves begin when a student has fulfilled his last school commitment of the week. Leave slips may be obtained at the entrance to the Associate Headmaster’s Office and turned into the Dean of Students or the Administrator on Duty (AOD) when signing out. All overnight leaves must be cleared with the Associate Headmaster’s Office by after lunch on Friday except in the event of an emergency. Students may not leave for a weekend if they have Sunday work crew.
  3. 5 ½ Day Boarders- 5 ½ Day Boarding Status is a privilege which students who live within 1 hour of the school may earn. This privilege requires each student to be in good academic and social standing. Five-and-a-half day boarders do not have to fill out leave slips to go on a weekend leave. They must, however, sign out with the Dean of Students or the AOD before they leave campus and must return in time for Vespers on Sunday evening. They may not leave on Friday night. Students who fail to observe these rules will lose the privilege of being a 5 ½ day boarder. Five-and-a-half day boarders are only allowed to leave with their parents or guardians.
  4. Vacations-Students cannot leave school early or return late from any scheduled vacation period. Students are required to meet all commitments through their last scheduled class or activity before they may leave campus for a school break. Teachers often plan tests or other graded exercises at this time. If there is a graded exercise, test, or quiz and a student misses it, he will receive an F for that exercise. We ask that students and parents adhere strictly to the published school calendar when planning travel.
  5. Miscellaneous- Boarding students and 5 ½ day boarders are not allowed to leave campus during the week, including Friday evening, if it interferes with study hall or Saturday classes. Trips to concerts, movies, and sporting events during the week, including Friday, unless sponsored by the school, are forbidden. Special permission must be obtained from the Associate Headmaster at least one week in advance.

How do we know what classes to sign up for?

Our Academic Deans carefully review your transcripts from this past year and make decisions based upon what they see and your past teacher recommendations. Then, they will email you with a proposed class schedule. You can approve the schedule, or if you have issues with it, you are welcome to connect with them and they will work with you to place you accordingly. Even if you are worried about your placement level in a certain class, we have a 3 week add-drop period during which you will be able to truly determine whether you belong in a given class-level or not. If you think that the class rigor is too much or too little for you, your advisor and the Academic Dean will be able to move classes accordingly.

How will I know where to find my classes?

Everyone will be in the same boat during the first few days. The upperclassmen are there to help you, so ask them. If someone sees you looking around like you are lost, he or she will tell you where to go. Also, during orientation, your advisor will walk you to all of your classrooms. Do not be afraid to ask anyone for directions!

When will I know who my roommate and advisor are?

This information is given to you during registration on opening day. All rooming changes are made with our Dean of Students under exceptional circumstances only. Advisors can be changed after a student’s first year through the Associate Headmaster’s Office.

Where do I send my final transcript?

Final transcripts should be mailed to:


Leon Hayward Dean of Enrollment

500 Old Farms Road

Avon, CT 06001

2 Week Rundown Parent Newsletter

At the heart of every great school are families who are able to contribute at a leadership level and make an important difference. At Avon, this group is called the Winged Beaver Leadership Circle.

You are cordially invited to become part of this leadership giving society by making an impact gift this year of $5,000 or more this year.

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